If you come from other countries, you should fly straight to Sao Paolo, Rio or Porto Alegre. From these cities, there are several connection flight choices to Florianopolis!

The house is located 800 meters away from “Caieira do Norte” fishing village, on the Governador Celso Ramos peninsula in front of the Island of Florianopolis. From the airport, it is a 50-minute to 1-hour drive to Casa Sophia Brasil.

Casa Sophia Brasil is located directly over the sea. Street SC410 runs behind the house.

To the South, the nearest city is Biguacú (where you can find supermarkets and banks), and to the North, Tijucas.

The surroundings of Casa Sophia are an area protected by IBAMA, Brazil’s environmental protection agency. The mountains are covered with Mata Atlântica (untouched Atlantic forest) home to toucans, monkeys, butterflies, hummingbirds and many other animals. In Casa Sophia, many hummingbirds can be spotted, there is a resident family of iguanas and, from time to time, a cute capybara drops in, a very curious one!

Governador Celso Ramos

This peninsula is located in front of the Island of Florianopolis. It is completely covered with vegetation. However, it is less than an hour’s drive from the most popular touristic attractions of the South of Brazil, such as Bombinhas, Camboriu, Itapema, Praia do Rosa, or the beaches of Santa Catarina Island, such as Jurere, Joaquinha, Mole, etc.

Caieira do Norte

This picturesque fishing village together with its cute little beach is the nearest village to Casa Sophia Brasil. It is 800 meters from the house. In Caieira, there is only a small supermarket, two bars, one restaurant and Dona Bia, who sells fresh peixe (fish) and camarao (shrimp).

For a large supply of groceries, you need to drive or take the bus that stops at the door of the house and go straight to the big supermarkets in Biguacu or Florianopolis.